Red Mesa High School
Red Mesa High School Home

Our School—Who We Are

Red Mesa High School serves about 200 ninth through twelfth grade students. We are located in a very remote area of northeastern Arizona on the Navajo reservation. Our school boundaries cover a large geographical area. In fact, we transport some of our students from as far as 60 miles away.

Mission Statement

To provide quality education for successful interaction in the changing technological world while enhancing Navajo culture.

A Heritage of Honor

We live in a community bound by tradition and honor, and we believe in our young people. Every day we strive to ignite a yearning for knowledge and root a sense of community belonging within our youth. It is our desire to send this new generation of leaders into the world hungry to protect, honor, and improve our way of life.

Our Community

The majority of the people living in the area are Navajo Indians. With few services or employment opportunities, ours is a humble population. Our entire community includes one school, a convenience store, a Navajo Nation chapter house, Indian health service clinic, and a sublet office of the Navajo Tribal Utility Company.